a return to writing (or: this time, with feeling)

© stacy oborn, 2008


so i’ve been a long time away from writing, and in this and many other ways, a long time away from myself.

in the interim between the silence from the old typepad site to this moment at this shiny new wordpress site, some major shifts have been occurring vis-a-vis my internal view of photography and its place in the world and art, which i will attempt to define and articulate here. in the personal realm, i’ve also had a transcontinental move, and now write, listen & look primarily from the environs of Berlin, Germany.

there is much to share, much to discuss, and more than one new way for me to try and interact in this space. sometimes existence in the self-publishing realm undergos a kind of personality shift, as in the case of todd walker’s site recently (with his relocation from nyc to denver), and sometimes they go completely silent, as in the case of alec soth’s invaluable blog. one thing i have wrestled with here (as many others do, i’m sure), is reconciling the pleasure and satisfaction i get from writing with the self-imposed pressure to deliver some perfectly resolved and genuflected thing in its most finished and evolved state. i don’t know why i do this, but i do. in order to rescue myself from it, first this new space. like scrubbing down and repainting a room, it needed a good overhaul (the links listed have also been updated, to the right ==>). secondly, a re-conception about what writing and sharing here is for, and what else it can be like than what i’ve previously made it out to be.

for anyone out there that might be new to me: welcome. there is a pull-down menu of categories to the right, and it offers a good representation of my aesthetic whims, and how i attempt to get them out of my system and into the world. i should let you know, in the interests of full disclosure, what this site is not:

  • not up-to-the-minute reviews of currently exhibited work
  • not principally a place of massive linkage to other sites, artists or projects
  • not about a way to convince you of anything or an attempt to sell you something

what i have endeavored to do and will continue to do is to write and discuss topics that i’ve let percolate for some time, done some research and deep thinking about, and think interesting enough to put down for others similarly inclined.

it’s not all defined and worked out, nor is it probably ever meant to be. i’ve a long list of things i want to dissect and discuss, and hope you’ll follow me as i try out my new skin here at the-space-in-between.