A website is only good as the company it keeps, right? Below is a carefully curated list of my go-to places for discovering new work, getting into debt via foreign photobook purchases, reading compelling writing on things I care and write about on this site, and also a repository of places conceived by others that I like to think of as kindred spirits (or at the very least people I’d hope to have an interesting conversation with one day). Have at it! And if you know of places sympatico to these that I’ve not listed, drop me a line and let me know. I am always in the mood for learning something useful that I did not know before.


Presses and Reading Rooms:
Session Press
10×10 Japanese Photobooks
Nazraeli Press
Radius Books
Daylight Books
Dalphine Books

Blogs About Books:
Miwa Susuda
Little Brown Mushroom Blog
Josef Chladek

Discover New Work:
Fraction Magazine
dia standard
Asia Pacific Photobook Archive
PH | Japanese Photography
Asian Photography Blog
Sean O’Hagan On Photography

Online Magazines:
Emaho Magazine
Unless You Will
Fraction Magazine
Voices of Photography
Conscientious Photo Magazine
1000 Words

Bookstores and places to spend your money (Danger! Here Be Dragons!)
Dashwood Books
Akina Books
Japan Exposures
Little Brown Mushroom
errata editions
Flotsam Books
Claire de Rouen
Photobook Corner
Photobookstore UK
Harper’s Books
Super Labo
Arcana Books
Akio Nagasawa Books
Donlon Books
Newfave Books

Other Places:
Photography From Japan
Japan Exposures Blog
American SuburbX
Conscientious Extended
ICP Library blog
Art21 blog
Verve Photo
L’oeil de la photographie
Akio Nagasawa blog
Japan Photo Info
Mrs. Deane
LPV Show
Unreal Nature
Wood’s Lot
Street Level Japan
Visual Culture blog
Colin Pantall

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