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One Thing Done Two Ways: Elijah Gowin and James Luckett on Making a Book

In 1982, Bill Moyers was conducting a PBS series titled Creativity, and in that year he did a 30-minute episode dealing with the working life of two very different photographers, Gary Winogrand and Emmet Gowin. Winogrand, being the larger-than-life character that he was, stole the show with what my old photo mentor Tom Arndt dubbed […]

Guilty Pleasures and Publishing, Part I: On Nazraeli Press, Asako Narahashi, Ando Hiroshige (and tea)

I’ve been thinking about art publications lately, and art presses, publishing houses, the things that get made in them and the kinds of aesthetics and philosophies that get bundled between the pages and pushed along with the publication itself. Over the next few posts, I want to perform a kind of informal analysis of a few different variations and takes on this theme, but to begin let’s take a look at a long-standing favorite mover and maker.